Research Student at LSE IDEAS

Research Student at LSE IDEAS

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  • May 5, 2021
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Greetings dear readers,

LSE IDEAS, the Best University Affiliated Think Tank in the World, has just accepted me as a Research Student!!

Through sustained engagement with policymakers and opinion-formers, IDEAS provides a forum that informs policy debate and connects academic research with the practice of diplomacy and strategy.

IDEAS hosts interdisciplinary research projects, produces working papers and reports, holds public and off-the-record events, and delivers cutting-edge executive training programmes for government, business and third-sector organisations.

My scope of research here

Several academics who have been leading figures at IDEAS in the last decade including Director Michael Cox, Danny Quah, and Nick Kitchen are among the world’s leading experts on changes in global power.

The idea of Power Shifts in the international system is now widely accepted: particularly from the US to China, from West to East, and from states to non-state actors.

We seek to investigate those claims and understand the basis of power in the international system, the context in which power operates, and how power may transition from one actor to another.

This aligns with a paper I am studying for, IR3026 International Political Economy, with the course author also based at IDEAS.

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